Asher Indurski

Meet Asher, 28, born and raised in Jerusalem, and once he got married had moved to the Haredi city of Modi’in Elite. Prior to joining AvraTech’s first class ever 4 years ago, at the age of 24, he hasn’t acquired any formal education – and therefore had to start everything from scratch.

Shortly after beginning the training stage, we realized his natural tendency had been towards the web design world, and as result he had decided to put his main emphasis on evolving in that field all along the training and internship period.

3.5 years later, in 2016, he had to relocate to the northern part of Israel due to personal circumstances, and then had begun working as a freelance, professional web designer right after he had received our blessing to move on and start his own initiative, based on the diverse experience and knowledge acquired at AvraTech & RavTech. Today he’s employed by a large high-tech company in the Ramat Gan area.    

David Roiter

Meet David, 38, born and raised in Bnei Beraq, and shortly after getting married had moved to the Haredi city Elad. 

Equipped with an impressive background as an excelled scholar in the Yeshiva world and already considered as an exceptional role model in his Kollel, he joined AvraTech 4 years ago – at the age of 34, but without any prior formal education whatsoever. In fact, the last time he found himself studying Math was at the early age of 13. Having his wife as a sole provider working full time, he realized he couldn’t keep studying Torah all day long and every single night like he has always done before, since his family couldn’t handle it financially any longer.

Today, 4 years later, he’s already succeeded to become one of the most noticeable team leaders at our Mobile Software Development department, and has nurtured an expertise in the servers field. Nevertheless, nowadays he’s still considered a role model among both his community & Yeshiva in Elad as well as among additional applicants that have joined AvraTech ever since, because he has proved he remained the exact same person he used to be.