Greetings to all our visitors!

We are ecstatic to finally present our revolutionary initiative, the only one of its kind in Israel, that  makes us a very unique blend.

We are surrounded by many assorted institutions and high-tech companies in Israel. However, while many schools promise – and even make efforts – to help their students get jobs many do not find work after completing courses. There is also an effort being made by high-tech companies to absorb new workers. But the truth is it’s a long and complex road and many people never reach the end.

A lot of initiative, thought, capital and sweat have been invested in our project and it has reached its goal. Within one year only, a person without any previous knowledge in the field, can learn to be a professional software programmer and  transform himself from a student to an employee. The fact that our students immediately become regular workers – that is an achievement not found anywhere else. You don’t come here to get a useless certificate and not to become rich and disappear. Here you come to pick up the necessary knowledge that will put you into the workforce in the most dignified manner.

The spirit behind this project is the desire and ideal to assist Bnei Torah who have had to leave Kollel to earn a living but are set on maintaining their value system -to leave the Yeshiva world and enter the world of high-tech without giving up their values.

For most people it may seem inevitable that leaving the Yeshiva world is not just a technical move, but a total change in lifestyle. High-tech involves working most of the day and presents a great problem in locating a work place with a true chareidi atmosphere.

Our innovative combination of Avratech and Ravtech provides a solution to all the problems. Here you do not need many years of schooling, do not have to work many hours a day, and do not have to work in a different atmosphere.

Within one year you can support yourself well. For several consecutive hours you can learn – and not just Daf Yomi or Halacha Yomit. There is a high-quality serious atmosphere here that enables you to continue in the way you have been educated in Yeshiva.